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Introducing Macros

ConnecTT for Tesla iOS App

We are excited to introduce macros in our 1.7.0 release of the ConnecTT for Tesla iOS app!
Ok, We know what you're thinking...what's a macro?
Macros enable the execution of multiple commands at once against your Tesla. Think of them as custom programs that you create and execute. Running individual commands from your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch is pretty cool, but executing custom macros takes this to uncharted territory.
To illustrate, you could create a macro to "Unlock and Remote Start" your Tesla.
When this macro is activated, the "Unlock" command is executed first and when complete, the "Remote Start" command is executed. That's it!
Macros are easy to use! You can create, edit, test, save and execute each macro from the Command Dashboard.
An Important Macro for the Summer. Let's Step Through this one together...
Often the interior temperature reaches over 120°F when I'm getting ready to leave the office. I'd like to cool off the car before I even get to it so that my Tesla is comfortable when I get in.
To build a Macro to accomplish this, we need to include the following steps:
  1. Set Driver and Passenger Temperatures to 63°F
  2. Vent Sunroof
  3. Start HVAC
Creating Macros
Macros are listed on the Controls Dashboard. Below you can see there are two Macros already created: "Unlock and Remote Start" and "Away".
Click the Add button to create new Macro
The fields on the add screen are (1) name and (2) default delay time between steps. In addition, from here you add your macro Steps.
Select Add Step button to add a Command Step
There are 14 commands (based on your vehicle features) that you can select from to create Macro Steps. In addition, based on which command you select, there may be additional criteria (i.e. sunroof setting).
Steps have a default delay between them that is defined along with the Macro. However, this can be overridden by adding a Delay Step. The minimum amount of time between steps is 1 second (we don't want Tesla getting mad at us).
Select Set Temps
For the Set Temps command, you defined a driver and passenger temperature.
Select Add Step and then Set Sunroof
When adding a Sunroof step, you define the state.
Select Add Step and select Start HVAC
Starting the Tesla HVAC system will make your vehicle nice and cool by the time you get to it from your office, school or the Tesla store.
Select Save
Fill in the name and click Save to return to the Controls Dashboard.
Executing Your New Macro
Your newly created Macro will appear in the Macros section at the top of the Controls Dashboard. To execute your Macro, just select the row.
To edit your macro, select the Information button on the right side of the row. To reorder or delete your Macros, select the Edit button. You can also swipe to delete as you would in most other apps.
When you execute your Macro, a display will pop up and show the progress of the individual steps.
Watch App
Macros are also available to execute on the Watch App. The screens are below.
When you tap on a Macro, a confirmation screen will appear.
Our goal was to make macros simple to understand, easy and fun to use and to save the user time in executing commands (and maybe show-off a little bit).  
Please let us know your experience and suggestions for improvements and enhancements! Thank you.
Apple has not yet reviewed or approved the app. Hopefully they will get to it by the end of the week, or early next week.
Video Demonstration
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