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iPhone/iPad Vehicle Controls

ConnecTT for Tesla iOS App

Apple Watch Update - Approved!
After 15 days of patiently waiting for Apple to review the ConnecTT for Tesla iOS app, it was finally approved on Monday, June 1st! Initially it was rejected, but after sending a video of the functionality they promptly approved the app! You can download the app now from the Apple App Store.
Main App Controls - Submitted!
The next phase of the ConnecTT for Tesla is to add vehicle controls to the main app. We've been working on this for a while and the beta testers have been busy testing all the new functionality and providing very useful feedback.
The new Controls screen has all of the same functionality as Tesla's app plus some additional features. The design is much simpler - everything is on a single screen. It doesn't look quite as nice as Tesla's app, but users will find the screen easy and simple to use.
Main Menu Layout
The main menu has changed slightly. Please note that the Map, Controls and News are now at the very top. The Profile Settings and Portal Login have moved down since they are visited less often. To use the controls, users must first login via the Portal Login.
Login Screen
This screen is where the user enter's their Tesla email and password (same as the Tesla app). The credentials are encrypted and validated by Tesla's servers and the response contains an access token that gets stored in the App's keychain for security purposes. This access token is used on subsequent requests.
By default, Touch ID (or Password) verification is enabled. This means that for each command the user attempts to perform, the user must validate via Touch ID (or Password).  The "Skip touch id / password..." enables the user to bypass this verification.
Additionally, users can choose "Open app directly to controls screen" which enables quick access to commands for those whose patience tends to be challenged :)
Controls Screen
The Controls screen is designed to be simple. There is a single screen that has all of the available commands and relevant statuses. The first line of text below the image is the command name. The second line (yellow text) is the current status of that control.
The Controls section (top) also scrolls to the right to show any overflow of commands. Currently there is just one command that is partially off the screen. This design may change in the future based on user feedback.
The title of the screen is the vehicle's name. If the user has more than one vehicle, they can tap the current name and they will be presented with a list of their vehicles to choose from. Once selected, all commands are issued against that Tesla. So everyone go out and get a second Tesla to test this! 
Remote Start Command
The Remote Start button will either prompt the user for Touch ID/Password verification. If the user chooses not to have that enabled, the vehicle will start immediately.
Lock / Unlock Command
Depending on whether the vehicle is currently locked or unlocked, the user will be able to initiate a Lock/Unlock command. An activity indicator displays the status of the current operation and subsequent result.
Honk Horn and Flash Lights Command
These commands are self explanatory, right? Selecting the Honk Horn honks the horn and selecting Flash Lights flashes the lights. These are nice for trying to find the vehicle in a parking lot or for safety/security purposes. My wife Tina likes this :)
Charge Start/Stop
To the right of the Charge section header displays the current battery charge level and the Estimated, Rated and Ideal ranges.
The Charge Start/Stop control allows the user to start and stop the charge if they are connected. When connected and charging, the charge rate appears (see below screenshot) below the button. If the vehicle is not connected, it displays "Disconnected".
Charge Port
Users can open and close the charge port by selecting this button. The close only works if you have a motorized charge port. The current status of the charge port (Open/Closed) can be see below the button text in yellow.
Charge Limit
The Charge Limit control allows users to set their charging limit to one of four presets:
  • 50%
  • 75%
  • 90%
  • 100%
The first three are recommended for every day use while the last option can be used for road trips.
Selecting the Charge Limit button displays the screen below.
Climate Settings
To the right of the Climate section header displays the current interior and exterior temperatures in the units that the Tesla is configured for (Celcius/Fahrenheit).
The settings button allows the user to set the driver and passenger temperatures. The current temperature settings for the driver and passenger are shown below the button.
The HVAC button allows users to perform the following:
  • Preset On
  • Max Cool
  • Max Heat
  • Turn Off
The status of the HVAC is shown in yellow below the button.
The Sunroof button allows users to set the sunroof to the following:
  • Closed
  • Vented
  • Comfort
  • Open
The location information displays pinned to the bottom of the screen. The current address of the vehicle is shown on the left and the entire area is selectable. When selected, the ConnecTT Map will open and show the vehicle along with all other Tesla Supercharges, Destination Chargers, Service Centers and Stores. In addition, Supercharger sites that are currently in the Permit and Construction status are also displayed. The Permit and Construction data is provided by
This new functionality will be included in version 1.6 of the ConnecTT for Tesla iOS app. It was submitted to Apple on Monday, June 2nd. The current wait time for a review is around 14 days.
Apple is backed up in their reviews because of all the preparation that they have to do for their Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco next week.
In addition to the new controls in the main app, some updates were done to the Watch app that provide greater stability and there were a few minor bug fixes include.
About Me
My name is Mark Rusnak.  I am an Apple and Tesla enthusias. I have 20 years of experience in thd software industry and have been developing iOS apps for nearly five years. You can learn more about me on my website.
I will be attending WWDC this year in San Francisco and will also be touring the Tesla factory on that Friday! It would be great to meet other Tesla owners during the week. If you would like to meet up, just send me an email.
The ConnecTT for Tesla iOS app, is used by thousands of Tesla owners from around the world. It helps owners and enthusiasts keep up-to-date with Tesla news and information and has a searchable map of Superchargers, Destination Chargers, Service Centers and Stores/Galleries.
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