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Watch App Submittal

Submitted on Sunday, May 17th

After a couple weeks of beta testing I submitted the app to Apple for review on Sunday.  Thanks to all of the beta testers for their testing and feedback.  We had a team of 25 testers from around the world.  
Right now the average time to review an app is 8 days so hopefully it'll be reviewed around next Monday.
I tried to make the design of the app simple, clean and to only display the most important information and commands to the user.  One thing is for certain, Tesla owners will definitely share their opinion and provide feedback on what they'd like to see!
Many developers have paved the path and spent countless hours documenting the API so in the spirit of open source, I am going to make this free.  I appreciate all of the past contributions by others so this is my turn to contribute to the Tesla experience.  However, I do accept gifts :) 
The final screen layouts are below.
Glance Screen
The Glance screen displays the vehicle name, current charging status and related information.  It also shows whether the vehicle is locked or not. This screen is updated each time it loads so it is always up-to-date and is the easiest and quickest to get to.  A single tap on this screen opens the main watch app.
Summary Screen
The summary screen is the initial screen presented when you open the watch app.  Here you can see the vehicle name, mileage, state and if the vehicle is locked or not.  In addition, if you have multiple vehicles, the name field turns into a button and when pressed, presents a vehicle picker of the vehicles tied to your account.
Summary Controls
When the Summary screen is force touched, you are presented with commands to start, unlock/lock (based on current status), honk the horn and flash the lights.  Starting the vehicle can be configured to use touch id/password verification.
Charging Screen
The Charge screen is the second screen in the app and shows the charge %, rated and ideal range, charging status and charging limit.  The app will display the correct numbers based on your distance unit setting of miles or km.
Charge Commands
Force touching the Charge screen presents the user with options to Start/Stop charging (based on current setting), set Charge Limit to 90% and Charge Limit to 100%.  In addition, if the charge cable is not currently plugged in, a fourth button is presented to open/close the charge port (based on current status).
Climate Screen
The Climate screen shows the user the Inside and outside temperatures, the fan status and whether the current auto conditioning is turned on or off.
Climate Commands
The Climate commands allow you to turn on the auto conditioning to the current set values, turn on to maximum cool and also turn on to maximum heat.  If the auto conditioning is currently on, you are simply presented with an off button.
Sunroof Screen
The sunroof screen is probably the simplest screen.  It shows the current position of the sunroof.  Unlike the Official Tesla app, it'll let you set the roof to comfort and open (100%) position.
Command Screen
Force touching on the Sunroof screen lets you close, vent, open to comfort and to open all the way.  This is a great screen to show off to your friends!
Location Screen
The location screen simply shows the current position of the vehicle, based on the latitude and longitude values returned from Tesla's API.  If the vehicle is in motion, it also shows the speed.  I plan on doing more with this in the future, including showing Superchargers and Destination Chargers (data from the main app) in the vicinity.  
Location Commands
There are no commands available from this screen.  However, a single tap will open the Maps application, which could be useful.
I have a passion for Tesla and Apple products so this project was an easy choice for me.  The Apple Watch is a fascinating piece of equipment.  I found myself using the app every day because it was so easy to use and so accessible.  I hope others will as well.  Field testing was also pretty fun, especially at the Atlanta Supercharger.  I even fixed a couple bugs while I was there.
About Me
My name is Mark Rusnak and I am an Apple and Tesla enthusiast and have been an iOS developer for about 4.5 years and have 20 years experience in the software industry. You can learn more about me on my website.
I will be attending WWDC this year in San Francisco and will also be touring the Tesla factory on that Friday! It would be great to meet other Tesla owners during the week. If you would like to meet up, just send me an email.
The main iOS app, ConnecTT for Tesla, is used by thousands of Tesla owners from around the world. It helps owners and enthusiasts keep up-to-date with Tesla news and information and has a searchable map of Superchargers, Destination Chargers, Service Centers and Stores/Galleries.
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